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Trinity College Dublin has made a major investment in a new campus in Dublin city centre, with the college now investing €50 million in the project.

The new campus, at the corner of Ballyboden and Finglas streets, will be built by the firm Erikson Homes and is being constructed with a mix of residential and commercial buildings.

The university has also announced plans to create a new arts centre on the campus.

In addition, the college is investing €25 million in its Dublin Campus, which will include a new building for the arts and a new community centre.

“The new building will feature an artist’s studio, an art gallery, and an exhibition space,” a statement from the college said.

“It will be home to a variety of works by artists including Christian Kirksey, Trinity College Dublin and Trinity College Cork.”

There will also be a cinema and a cafe.

“The college has been a long-standing supporter of the arts in the city and has long been a key part of the city’s arts scene.”

We are committed to supporting the arts, promoting the arts as a part of our cultural life and the College is very proud of the many outstanding projects it has contributed to the city over the years,” it added.”

In fact, the College was one of the first colleges to host a major exhibition in the new building, which was held in the late 1980s and has been celebrated with many events throughout the years.

“The College said it had been in discussions with the Irish Arts Council over the past few months and had decided to invest in the development, which is expected to open in the second half of 2019.”TAC will continue to support the cultural life of the campus through the building of a new facility for the future,” it said.

The College has also confirmed plans to build a new library on the property.

The school’s main campus in Wicklow, in Co Wicklow.

It has also agreed to build an additional school in Cork, to replace the College’s existing school in Wickliffe.”

While the College will continue its focus on providing quality education and cultural programming, we are committed and committed to continuing to support local community and local business by continuing to develop our new facilities and the existing student accommodation,” it stated.