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article The Trinity Church has been accused of being a hate crime hotspot in Australia, after a series of violent incidents at its Sydney headquarters.

The church’s website was also targeted by a cyberattack, with a message on its Facebook page reading: “The Trinity is not a hate-group, but it has been used as a propaganda tool.”

The Trinity Christian College has been a target of a series “hateful” messages on its website, a spokeswoman said.

The school’s principal said the school had not received any complaints.

“The Trinity has always been an inclusive place for all people, and is committed to ensuring that the teachings of our faith are heard, and upheld, by all members of our community,” she said.

“We have no evidence to suggest any threats have been made against our staff or students.”

A spokesperson for the school said it had not heard of any incidents of hate crimes at the school, but the school’s Facebook page had been hacked.

“A small group of people were recently targeting the Trinity’s Facebook account, and the school has since taken action to ensure it does not become a target for this type of activity,” the spokeswoman said in a statement.

“If the perpetrator had made any threats to anyone at the university, the school would have taken immediate action to report the matter to police.”

The school has said it has a “zero tolerance” approach to “any form of hate or discrimination”.

“We will not tolerate any behaviour which is hateful, discriminatory, hateful of any religious belief, or hateful of the LGBTI community,” the statement said. ABC/AAP