MP3 – Message

A temple belonging to a Christian denomination in Gujarat has been vandalised with an anti-Christian message, prompting a group of monks to protest on Monday, police said. 

The vandalism of the Chawri Temple in Chawli, in the northern state of Gujarat, was reported to the police on Sunday, police spokesman Ashok Kumar said.

Police had received information that the temple had been vandalized. 

“Police registered a case and have sent a team to the spot,” he said.

“There were two monks at the temple who were protesting the incident. 

Police said they found a message on the temple wall which read ‘Death to all those who disrespect Buddha.

I pray to God that my prayer would not be accepted,'” Kumar told AFP news agency.”

The message was later removed from the temple, but it remained visible for about an hour. 

There were also a number of other anti-Christ messages painted on the wall of the temple.”

A team was sent to the temple to take pictures of the vandalism,” he added.

Chawli is located about 150 kilometres (93 miles) from the capital, Ahmedabad.