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You may have noticed a few videos recently making the rounds that appear to show off some of the best Christian Bale movies ever made.

And the good news is that there are a lot of them.

The bad news is, most of them aren’t worth the money you might spend on the most expensive of them all.

So what exactly are the best films that you can find on YouTube?

Here are five of the most popular ones that we know of, along with their approximate date of release: Bale: The Man Who Fell to Earth (2015)The third installment in the critically-acclaimed Bale-directed film series was the biggest flop of all time, and it’s still one of the biggest.

The story takes place in an abandoned American town in the middle of nowhere and the cast consists mostly of famous actors, most notably Christian Bale, John Goodman, and Matthew McConaughey.

While some may be upset with the decision to film in New York City, Bale and his cast were all set to come up with a story that would set the tone for the rest of the franchise.

The script, which is available on Amazon, is actually pretty good, though it does a pretty poor job at capturing the atmosphere and atmosphere of the place in the film.

It’s definitely a film that you want to watch in a theater if you can, but if you don’t, you’ll probably be disappointed.

 Gravity (2016)One of the worst Christian Bale films ever made is a film filled with awful dialogue and characters that you probably shouldn’t even try to watch.

It takes place during the peak of the Cold War, when the United States and Soviet Union are still trying to work out how to fight against each other.

The film is set in the early 1970s, so it’s set a little further in time than most of the others.

Unfortunately, the story focuses more on the characters and their problems than the film’s real villains.

Gravity was also the film that started Bale’s career in Hollywood, and the actor was one of its most popular stars.

The Dark Knight Rises (2015)It’s hard to get excited about a film about a Batman movie, especially one about Bruce Wayne.

The Dark Knight is a character that’s not only beloved by fans, but it’s also incredibly popular.

Even if you’re not a big Batman fan, the Dark Knight franchise has always had an enormous following.

Even if you are, though, The Dark Moon is an incredible, suspenseful movie that could only be made by a Batman film director.

This is the best Batman movie you could possibly make, and that’s saying something considering how bad the previous films are.

Memento (2017)This is probably the biggest Christian Bale movie that you haven’t seen.

It was originally released in 2012 as a Christmas special and was released a few months later.

This one, based on the novel by Laura Jansen, takes place several years after the events of the first movie.

It follows the lives of a couple who get caught up in the plot of a Batman-centric murder mystery.

This time around, it’s the two main characters, not the main bad guy, that are responsible for the murder.

It is, in fact, a much more faithful adaptation of the book than the first film.

Bale’s other movies are often overshadowed by the success of this one, but the quality of the screenplay and the way it is written make this one worth your time.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.

2 (2017-2018)Guardians Vol.

1 was a really interesting sequel to a lot that happened in the first one, so we have no reason to complain.

The first movie set up a bunch of characters and plots that didn’t really fit in the new universe.

It also made the character of Drax the Destroyer a big part of the plot.

And if you want a superhero film where you can watch Drax kill some bad guys, you really should watch this one.

Black Panther (2018)Black Panther is a great movie that was made by the team behind Iron Man 3, and even though the plot revolves around a white guy in the Marvel universe, the cast is a mix of African-Americans, white people, and other ethnicities.

The movie is also notable for introducing Black Panther to a whole new generation of moviegoers, including a black woman in the lead.

It may not be the greatest superhero movie ever made, but Black Panther is worth checking out if you like Marvel movies.

Thor: Ragnarok (2018-2019)Thor: The Dark World is one of those movies that is very well-made, but Thor: Ragnarok is a much better film.

Thor: The Norse Gods is a good movie that’s very well made, and Thor: Dark World makes it even better.

The Ragnarok story is