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Posted February 26, 2018 04:16:04 When Christian podcasts started gaining traction in 2016, one of the first things they did was highlight the “good and bad” parts of the Bible.

But with the popularity of the podcast, it’s not surprising to learn that Christians have made their own Christian references.

Christian Podcast creator Christian McCaffrey said that he started his podcast to “create a conversation,” and that the show’s most famous reference is from the book of Matthew.

“I love that Matthew chapter and verse,” McCaffery told Mic in 2016.

“We have that scene from Matthew where Jesus says, ‘You are not my disciples, but you are the disciples of my Father who is in heaven.'”

The podcast also features a clip from a segment from the popular reality show, The View, in which host Matt Lauer asked McCaffry what he thought of the show.

“If you’re not a Christian, what is the Christian view?”

McCaffey said.

“My view is that the Bible is not a book of scripture, it is a collection of stories and stories are not necessarily the word of God.

McCaff, who is also a professor of English at Liberty University, added that the “Christian podcast” tag was a nod to the idea that Christian culture is being shaped by the Bible and the way people talk about Christianity. “

But I think that the idea of God is not an abstract concept, it really is a way of life.”

McCaff, who is also a professor of English at Liberty University, added that the “Christian podcast” tag was a nod to the idea that Christian culture is being shaped by the Bible and the way people talk about Christianity.

“The Christian podcast is a reflection of the way that Christians are coming together to make a new religion and to make their own history,” McCafrey said.

McCaffy said he was not sure how many Christian podcasts had reached an audience of over 100 million listeners, but he thinks that the number is still growing.

“It’s growing fast,” he said.

And Christian podcasts are gaining popularity in a number of different ways.

One example is with the “christian music” genre.

Christian podcasts often feature Christian music videos, which is one of their biggest draws.

The popularity of Christian music is not limited to the Christian community.

There are several different Christian music subgenres, ranging from gospel to hip-hop, R&B to metal.

The best-selling Christian music genre of 2017 was the pop-punk/soul music genre, which featured artists like M83, Nicki Minaj, and the Flaming Lips.

But the Christian music segment in Christian podcasts also features other genres, including punk, pop, metal, and soul.

McCafy says that while the number of Christian podcasts has increased in recent years, the growth has been more gradual.

“Over the years, I think it’s been a lot slower than people might have thought,” he explained.

“There’s always a small, but growing, group of Christian listeners who are really into these podcasts, but there are more people who aren’t.

It’s not a new phenomenon, but it’s certainly not going to be an epidemic.”

One reason for this could be the difficulty in finding Christian podcasts, which can take weeks to create.

But McCaffie said he has a solution to this problem.

“When we were trying to find the right podcast for us, the biggest challenge was finding the right audience,” he told Mic.

It was actually more challenging than I thought.” “

Once we found the right ones, it was just a matter of putting them together and making sure they fit our story.

It was actually more challenging than I thought.”

Christian podcasts have also attracted a certain type of audience.

One popular Christian podcast, The Christian Podcast Network, is dedicated to “Christian podcasts that are like an alternative news network for Christians, a podcast for the Christian faithful,” McCattys website reads.

“Like a network for alternative news, podcasts can provide the news that the mainstream news outlets don’t have the ability to cover,” the website continues.

“Podcasts provide a forum for Christians to connect, share, and debate with each other.”

The website also offers listeners a variety of options to sign up to receive Christian podcasts and other Christian-related content.

McCatties podcast is called Christian News, and he explained that his podcast covers news about the Church, as well as news about Christianity itself.

“You can go to the homepage and get a list of Christian news sources,” McCassies website says.

“And then you can go right to the bottom of the homepage to see all the news items that the media don’t cover.”

McCattries podcast has over 4,000 subscribers, according to the website.

McCaffeys website also notes that Christian podcasts aren’t all about being Christian.