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Posted February 06, 2018 11:00:47A new survey from the dating site Tinder has found that people don’t even need to ask for a shirt when they want to talk about something, according to a new study.

The survey, which surveyed over 2,000 men and women in the US and found that most people don, in fact, ask for shirts when they’re talking about their appearance.

And when the people asking for a look-in have been shirtless for an hour, there’s no reason not to get one too, according the researchers.

Tinder asked participants to rate their sexual attractiveness, body shape and sexual desire on a scale of 1-5, and when a person didn’t want a shirt, they were asked to tell a story about how they’d felt about their body and wanted a shirt.

The results are shocking: nearly half of the people surveyed said they wouldn’t even ask for their shirt if it wasn’t their first shirt, while 23 per cent said they’d ask if it was their second shirt, and 13 per cent wouldn’t have asked at all.

Tinder said the survey revealed a surprising fact: the majority of men and men are not interested in a shirt for the sake of being comfortable.

“The fact that the majority [of men] aren’t interested in wearing a shirt shows the importance of a physical form of expression that can enhance our self-worth,” Tinder wrote.

“It shows the value in showing our physical form that can make us feel attractive to potential partners.”

The survey also revealed that the main reason men are avoiding shirts is that they feel like they have to do it, and if they don’t, they feel uncomfortable.

A third of the respondents said they would never wear a shirt in public, and about half of men said they didn’t care if they didn, in order to look “cool”.

The study is the latest research into the phenomenon of “look-in”, which has been described as “looking like you don.t want to”.

According to Tinder, look-ins have been around for a long time and have even been used in movies like “Casablanca”.

Men and women have even started dressing up in clothing made of non-textile materials, such as silk or faux fur.

Tindertruth, who co-authored the study, said the lack of interest in a casual shirt is not necessarily a bad thing.

“This is a new phenomenon in our culture.

Men and women are using look-ups to express themselves in a way that we might not necessarily think of,” she said.”

In fact, it can be very liberating, as you are able to express yourself without a shirt.”

Tinder has teamed up with the clothing retailer Nordstrom to offer men a look in, with men receiving a shirt and women receiving a pair of jeans or t-shirts.

“The idea is that when you ask a question about a look, you are not necessarily asking for it in a sexual way,” Tinder said.

“When you ask for it, you’re asking for your self-expression, and that is a huge benefit to a lot of guys.”

Tindermann added that men are also looking for ways to express their masculinity in the context of their looks.

“They want to express a masculine identity, but not a superficial, shallow, shallow one,” she told ABC News.

“When they look at themselves in the mirror, they can see that they’re not perfect, and we should acknowledge that.”

Tinding has found some success with the new survey, with a recent survey showing that over 80 per cent of men were attracted to a woman who wore a t-shirt.