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AUSTIN, Texas — As a devout Christian brother, Kevin Christian was looking for a new outlet to express his passion for the Christian religion.

But instead of porn, Kevin would find himself being watched by the millions on a daily basis by hundreds of men and women who had come to view his videos.

As a result, he is in danger of losing his job, his home and his privacy.

Kevin Christian, a 36-year-old father of two, has lost his job and his home in the last few months.

He has been laid off from his job at a Dallas-area meat packing plant and now his house is gone, he said.

“I’m basically a homeless guy,” Kevin said, explaining he lost his house in an explosion in 2012 and had to move into a tent for the next two years.

My life has been ruined, Kevin said.

I’ve been looking for something else, he added.

I have no one.

I can’t afford a house, he told The Wall St. Journal.

As Kevin Christian’s videos drew millions of views, his profile soared.

Then in September, Kevin’s home was blown up.

The blast killed four people and wounded dozens more.

The FBI is investigating the explosion, which happened in the industrial park of Hays, Texas.

An ATF task force is now investigating the matter.

While Kevin is struggling to make ends meet, his wife, Joanna, has been living in a hotel while her son recovers from surgery for a torn meniscus.

She said she’s working to help pay for her son’s medical expenses, but they don’t have enough money to get by.

Joanna said her husband has not been able to get a job since the explosion.

When Kevin lost his work, he felt he was in the same situation as many other Christian brothers in the U.S. have been experiencing in recent years, said Matthew Wiles, an associate professor of economics at the University of South Florida.

Christian brothers who are unemployed are at greater risk of committing suicide.

A study conducted in 2013 by the UGA School of Social Work found that nearly 50% of Christian brothers who were unemployed had attempted suicide.

The figure rose to 58% among Christian brothers whose job was in manufacturing, according to the study.

The suicide rate for Christian brothers is much higher than for other religious groups, Wiles said.

“I think we have to take some of the blame for this for the fact that they’re being overlooked,” he said of Christian Brothers.

Despite all the negative things that have happened, Kevin is still proud of his work and what he’s achieved, Joana said.

Kevin said he’s trying to find a job that pays a living wage.

If his former employer doesn’t pay him, he will try to start a new business.

He said he plans to sell his video company, which he owns with his brother, for a profit.

I don’t want to lose my job, he wrote on his website.

I want to continue working for Jesus and for God.

Josie is working to save up enough money for her future and to buy the house she shares with her husband.

We are trying to raise enough money so that we can buy a house in our dream neighborhood,” she wrote.

Our family is broken, she said.

We have no money and no hope.

For the past three months, Joannas daughter has been sleeping in a car seat while her mother and her father try to find work.

They’re trying to pay the bills on their own, Joanne said.

She and her husband are looking for help to help them pay the rent, keep the car on the road and put food on the table.

After several months, she and her dad were able to secure a part-time job.

They are now looking for full-time work and say they are not sure when they will be able to resume work.

The family has been able pay the mortgage and have enough savings to put a down payment on a home.

Until Kevin’s unemployment benefits expire in 2019, he has a monthly disability benefit of $1,000 and a $1 monthly health care payment, Jo Ann said.

For Kevin and his family, the loss of his job is a devastating blow.

His brother’s suicide is a tragedy, but it is a lesson in what can happen when you’re unemployed,” said Matthew T. White, a senior fellow at the Family Research Council.

There’s a difference between a Christian and a porn movie, White said.

“If you watch a Christian movie, it’s the best.

If you watch pornography, it is bad.”

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