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Christie has never been a candidate for the US presidency.

He’s a governor of New Jersey, a US senator and a former governor of Pennsylvania.

But when the pontiff took the stage on Sunday, he took his faith to a whole new level.

Christie’s appearance was the latest in a series of papal appearances to mark a year since the start of the US papacy, when Francis was elected.

His coronation in April was seen as an important step in the new pontiff’s journey to become the most powerful person in the world.

But some in the US and the Vatican have argued that the pontiffs journey has been tainted by corruption scandals, which have tarnished the papacy for the past three decades.

For his part, Francis has made a point of emphasizing the importance of the role of religion in politics.

The pontiff has said that in his new role, he will focus on bringing about a “solution to the world’s most pressing problems” and he has spoken of a need to focus on faith as the key to a peaceful world.

“The first responsibility of the pope is to be a defender of the church and to defend it,” Francis told a crowd in the southern Italian town of Genoa.

“To do this, I am asking of all the faithful of the world: If you cannot be in the midst of life with your eyes open and with your heart in harmony, then let it be for you.”

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