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The lowes corpus Christi grimp has been dubbed “the homeless king of the Craigslist scam.”

The website offers a virtual market for low-cost goods and services to the homeless.

It’s a popular option for people searching for freebies, but not so much for the homeless, who are more likely to be looking for shelter.

Craigslist is also notorious for allowing scam artists to post false information and make money off the desperation of its users.

But according to a recent investigation by Politico, the website’s creators may have made billions of dollars by hiding a scam that is far from illegal.

The website, which was started in 2005, is owned by eBay, which in turn is owned or controlled by eBay Inc., the company that owns eBay.

The story began when one of the site’s moderators, who is not publicly identified, went public with details of the scam.

In a blog post, he said the scam targeted people looking for a cheap meal.

The scammer would create a fake account, then create a new account and send someone who would send a fake check.

The scammers would then use the check to buy the food that they were supposed to receive, he wrote.

The buyer would then send the check for $20 to the scammer, then the scam would disappear.

The post has since gone viral.

A second Reddit user posted screenshots of the fake accounts.

The screenshot below shows the scam account being created, then after the scammers disappear, the fake account is created.

Then, the scam ends.

The screenshots below show the fake email address being used by the scam creator.

The first screenshot below is from the second screenshot.

Screenshot of fake account being used.

This is what the scam looks like after being deleted.

Screenshots below show that the scam has ended.

Scammers often create accounts to sell their wares, then set up fake email accounts that send out fake checks to unsuspecting buyers.

A third Reddit user reported a similar scam on Monday.

Another Reddit user also revealed that a fake eBay account was used to scam hundreds of thousands of people across the United States.

The fake account also used a PayPal link to send out $10,000 checks.

The email address associated with the scam was set up to send the checks to the fake address.

Scam artists typically set up phony addresses in other states and in other countries, but in this case, the addresses were set up in the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates, according to Reuters.

Craigslist’s creator, Matthew Stocks, denied any wrongdoing, saying that the site was simply an online marketplace that had a unique feature that allowed users to advertise products for sale.

Craigslist has more than 11 million listings and is one of its largest sellers.

“The scammers set up this fake website to deceive people,” Stocks said in a statement to Politico.

“This scam was an attempt to steal money from Craigslist users who used their real accounts to advertise their goods.

They did not violate Craigslist’s terms of service.”

Craigslist is not alone in its problems with scam artists.

Craigslist was one of several sites to be shut down by the FBI in May for running a fake ad program.

The government said it was investigating Craigslist for possible fraud.

The Federal Trade Commission said that Craigslist’s advertising program was likely a scam.

But the agency is not investigating Craigslist directly, and said it has no jurisdiction over Craigslist’s ads.

Craigslist, which has more users than any other site on the internet, was one the top five advertisers of all time on the site in 2015.

Craigslist ads were also used in several high-profile scams, including the one that brought down Facebook, according, Forbes.

The company said it took down the ads after receiving multiple complaints from the FTC.

In May, the company told the Associated Press that the FTC’s investigation into Craigslist’s ad program “may be premature.”