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The US will elect a president and Congress in the 2016 presidential election, with the Republican Party holding a commanding advantage over Democrats in the polls, according to the results of a new CNN/ORC International survey.

The new poll, conducted by the polling firm Public Policy Polling (PPP), shows that the Republican candidate, Donald Trump, will be elected by a wide margin of 55% to 37% for a second term.

However, the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, will beat him by nearly 50 points.

The results of the survey, which surveyed 2,084 registered voters nationwide, come just days after President Barack Obama announced his resignation from the White House.

Clinton is expected to defeat Trump in November, but the results from the PPP poll are a major boost to the Democrats, given the fact that the party has lost four straight presidential elections. 

“Democrats have been hoping to turn this election into a referendum on Trump, and with Clinton leading by double digits in the latest poll, they may be right,” said PPP president Tim Malloy.

“Clinton is not a lock to be re-elected, but with Trump leading by a staggering 46 points nationally, there is a clear and clear path for the Democratic Party to win.”

Clinton’s victory is based on a dramatic increase in the number of Republican voters who support her, according the survey. 

In the survey’s first two weeks, the percentage of Republicans who have a positive view of Clinton rose from 27% to 39%, a significant increase that shows how much they believe she is a strong leader and leader for the country.

Clinton leads Trump among Democrats in key battleground states, including Florida and North Carolina, and is expected in the battleground states of Virginia and Ohio, two of the states where Clinton holds a commanding lead.

In the latest PPP survey, Clinton leads Trump by a more modest 46 points in the key swing state of Florida, with 45% to 32%.

Trump leads Clinton by 14 points in North Carolina with 42% to 36%. 

The PPP polling team was also asked if they thought the country would be better off under a Clinton presidency.

The results showed that 51% of Republicans think the country will be better for the people, while 37% think it will be worse, and just 17% think they will be fine. 

The Republican Party also saw a significant drop in support for Trump in the PPG survey.

This was a result of the party’s efforts to woo Hispanic voters and their support for the US Constitution, which the party did not have a chance to appeal to during the primaries. 

Clinton leads by a significant 44 points among Hispanics, with 51% to 38%, with Trump gaining ground among whites by 14 and losing ground among blacks by 2 points.

Clinton’s support among white women also increased from 40% to 45%, while Trump’s support dropped from 33% to 29%. 

“We are in a unique period where we have a president who is so uniquely qualified to be president that voters are not just looking for someone who can win, but who can help fix the country,” said Malloy, adding that it is clear that Clinton has the backing of both women and men. 

According to the poll, Clinton’s advantage with black voters, as well as those who are white and are Republican, is significantly greater than Trump’s advantage among white men.

Clinton, who won the White, Blue and Orange States of the US and the District of Columbia, is a popular figure in the Republican party.

However the poll also shows that Trump is viewed as a threat by Republican voters in all three states.