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A former NFL player, Christian Casey, is in the midst of a career resurgence.

Casey has been working with Christian apparel company, where he’s helping to sell his apparel and other products.

Caseys goal with ChristianCaseys is to help athletes get the right gear for their professional and personal lives, and to help them stay healthy, he said.

Caseys main goal is to sell “a good product, not necessarily a great product, but a good product that will help you have a good life,” Caseys said.

“If you can get people to buy your product, then that’s the best thing that you can do.”

Caseys father, Bob, helped build the business, and now his wife, Kathy, has been instrumental in the business.

The couple also run a Christian fashion line.

“It’s all about helping young athletes and getting them ready for the NFL, whether they are coming from the college football or the youth level or even the high school football,” Bob Caseys, a retired Army Ranger, said.

Bob Caseys father also worked with Christian clothing company Christian, which was founded by his son in 1984.

Bob Casey said he’s glad to be a part of the business as he sees the future of

“We’re in a business where people are coming together to help each other out, and I’m proud to be part of that,” Bob said.

Christian Caseys goal is “to be a leader and an ambassador for the Christian lifestyle.”

Bob Caseies goal is for the company to help young athletes, especially in college football.

The brand also provides with clothing, apparel, accessories, and other product lines.

The business has helped some athletes with health concerns.

For example, ChristianCaseymaid help athletes with asthma and chronic lung disease, as well as other health concerns, Bob Caseying said.

In addition, helps athletes with college scholarships and medical expenses.

ChristianCaseys products also are helping athletes to get better on the field, Bob said, and he hopes will help athletes who want to become a better football player, but may not be ready for an NFL roster.