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Former WWE star Christian Fish is going to get his own toy box.

As of Monday, a new box featuring his likeness, along with the words “We’re Not Trying to Be Offensive,” will be released.

It will be available on Amazon, ToysRUs, Best Buy and Walmart, according to the release.

It will include an instruction manual and a digital download of the show’s new episode, “The Day of the Jackal.”

Fish said in an interview with ESPN that the toy box represents “a new era in the history of WWE.”

He added that it’s the only way to show appreciation for fans who supported him during his time with the company.

“I feel honored to be the person that I am,” Fish said.

“I’m not trying and I don’t want to be disrespectful to fans.

I’m just trying to express my gratitude for their loyalty.

I feel like that’s what it comes down to, is respect.”

Fish is not the first WWE superstar to take part in a new product line.

The company released its first-ever video game in 2013 and then released a limited edition DVD set in 2014.

But the first-generation product line never really caught on with consumers.

The show’s first-season premiere, “A New Day,” featured the wrestling superstar Christian Fish, a character named “Mr. Mccaffery,” and a “Crown of the Rose,” a character with a mask and a sword that resembled a crown.

The new toy box will be a limited-edition release.

Fish told ESPN that it is going through a “slight” redesign that will include a new logo.