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I got my christies, what are the contents?

It has been two weeks since my birthday and I am still waiting for the box, but so far I am not disappointed.

I have been waiting for my christys box and it arrived on time and it has arrived in the best shape possible.

I was super excited to receive my christy box and I was able to check it out a little while ago.

The christy has a small card attached to it, which is the gift for the day and also to show appreciation.

The card is from my mom and it is the first christy she has sent me.

I will definitely use the christy in the future.

It comes with the box for my birthday present and a book.

There is also a small box with a note on the inside that explains about the contents of the christys.

It is the best gift I have received.

It arrived on day three of my birthday, so I was not disappointed at all.

The package arrived safely and it was just the best.

I am a big fan of christys, so when I saw that the box was also the gift, I was really happy.

I received a card from my mother and a note explaining the contents.

I really can’t say enough about how good this gift is.

I can’t wait to open it up and find out what inside.

I do hope to use the gift in the near future, but it will take some time.

I hope to find out that there are more christys in the works.