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Walmart’s Corpus Maryi store in Christchurch has been rebranded as Walmart’s Maryi Walmart store, with the slogan “Walgreens is here” emblazoned on its front entrance.

The new name reflects the global retail giant’s shift away from Walmart’s traditional logo.

The move was announced at a news conference yesterday and follows a decision to rename stores around the world in response to the recent attacks on its stores in Paris.

Walmart’s Maryin Walmart store in Singapore has been renamed to Walmarts Maryin, which also happens to be the brand name of the company’s parent company, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. “Our commitment to supporting our associates and employees in this moment is unwavering,” Wal-mart spokeswoman Kristin Hinton said.

“We are a global company that has a strong culture of integrity and support.”

Walmarts new name is the latest in a series of corporate decisions to address the attacks on the retailer’s stores in France and the US.

Walmucks decision to remove the iconic logo in China was a response to a series by Chinese citizens on social media who took to Twitter to protest the company.

In the US, Walmamas decision to move its stores from a brick-and-mortar location to a mobile store is also a response in part to the attacks in Paris and New York.

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