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President Donald Trump has “a lot more work to be done” on Christianity in his administration, including reforming the federal courts, according to an executive order released Wednesday.

Trump, in the order, made an effort to “reform the Federal Courts to improve the court system for Christians, including through the appointment of judges who understand the importance of our Constitutional separation of church and state and to restore religious liberty and religious freedom to our Nation.”

The president also asked the Office of Management and Budget to study whether to change the way the federal government handles the issue of religious liberty, which he has long sought.

He has made it a top priority to change laws that have been used to discriminate against Christians and other minority groups.

Trump’s order does not explicitly mention religion or religion-related matters in the executive order.

It does not name any of the agencies that have oversight over the executive branch, but it says that they will investigate any allegations of abuse or discrimination against Christians.

Trump has also pledged to work with Congress on the issue, but has repeatedly said that he does not intend to do so.

He recently signed an executive action that requires a special prosecutor to investigate all instances of religious discrimination, and his administration has been slow to respond to the recent attacks on religious liberty in the United States.

A White House official told The Washington Times that Trump does not believe the executive orders are legally binding, and he has not made any effort to enforce them.