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A new style of dior shoes is on the rise in the United States, with Christian Diors sandals catching on in the American market with a new collection.

In August, the brand announced the release of the new Christian Diversion collection.

The new collection is a collection of sandals that features three different styles.

These include a black leather sandal, an all-white leather sandals and a leather-clad sandal.

The first two styles are priced at $130 and $150, respectively.

The third style, which is exclusive to Christian Dives, is priced at only $45.

While Christian Dios is known for their Christian-inspired designs, these sandals aren’t the first to capture the attention of Christian diors consumers.

In 2017, Christian Dias had the opportunity to unveil the Dior Black and White Sandals, a limited edition black-and-white version of the Dios collection.