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With their Christian rock star image, Christina’s Christian footwear is a hit on the street and in stores.

But when she was diagnosed with leukemia last year, she knew she needed to get out of the way.

After all, the fashion icon is famous for her style and looks.

“I had to say, ‘I’m not a Christian anymore.

I’m not going to wear this anymore,'” Christina said.

She had a few different ideas for what she would wear for the occasion, but she settled on a white pair of shoes with a red bandanna on the front and a red Christian cross on the back.

“It’s really hard to wear a Christian symbol in a dress without the symbol being too distracting,” she said.

And even though the outfit was meant to look Christian, Christina and her husband, actor Christopher Lloyd, thought it would look better without it.

They decided to get rid of the red bandana and replaced it with a black bandanna, which they said made it more “cloak and dagger.”

And when they came home, they put on a pair of white leggings and began to wear it more often.

They are known for wearing red in the film industry, and now they are wearing white in the street.

“We wanted to make it a little bit more casual,” said Christina, who lives in Brooklyn, New York.

“And we thought it was a little cute.”

As they have been doing for years, the couple opted to wear their favorite Christmas outfits to church, especially when it comes to Christmas.

They have also dressed up for weddings and other family events, even putting on their own festive party in 2013.

But with their recent leukemia diagnosis, the Christian icon has found it difficult to do that.

“Christy’s going through all of this right now,” Lloyd said.

“She’s getting treatment, and we’re trying to help her get through it, and she’s having a really tough time.”

So while she’s not dressed up to go to church in public, Christina is always looking for ways to dress up her outfit to fit in.

And in her case, she’s finding that she can’t do it without her signature red bandanana.

“So that’s the challenge of it, that you’re just not going [to] put on red all the time,” she explained.

“You’re going to have to be a little more careful.”

For her, that means wearing a Christian outfit with red, black, and white stripes and a few other colors on it, like pink and blue.

“In my mind, I’m wearing the red because it’s the only color I’ve ever been able to get,” she continued.

“But in my eyes, it’s a really nice color.”

She even wears it on the day she has her own Christmas party, which is a tradition she hopes to continue.

“People think it’s going to be like, ‘Oh, you’re dressed up, it looks Christian,’ but it’s really not,” she added.

“My whole life I’ve had Christmas in a red dress, so I know I’m going to want to wear red again.”

Christina is also a fan of Christian movies.

She’s been watching them with her husband and has seen them a few times before Christmas, even wearing one as a kid.

But her biggest Christmas wish is to have a special one this year.

“That’s probably going to get a lot of people excited,” she joked.