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NEW YORK — The evangelical Christian community is on the defensive after Kevin James posted a video online mocking atheist comedians.

James told the New York Times he did not want to be “bullied” by atheists.

He told the newspaper he would be “proud” of those he said had done “a hell of a job” on the job.

But a slew of responses to the video have cast a dark cloud over the community.

In one of the responses posted to the website, a Christian comedian named Josh McWilliams said he has been “totally ostracized” by the community for speaking out against James’ comments.

He called James’ apology “a step backward,” and said the community is “at the mercy of a bully.”

In another response, Josh McDavid wrote, “I’m ashamed that the Christian community has allowed Kevin James to take this opportunity to bully the entire atheist community.”

McDavid also wrote that the “bully” has “got nothing to offer in the way of true Christianity” and “will be treated like an annoyance.”

A Christian comedian in another response told that “his comment about atheists being ‘bullies’ is like saying that a child’s parent should not help him get dressed because he has a rash.”

“It is so unfair, and disrespectful,” the comedian wrote.

“I have worked hard to expose Kevin’s ignorance of Christianity, and have gotten a lot of negative feedback for that.”

McWilliams’ video also received criticism for its portrayal of atheists.

The, a website with a focus on Christian and secular communities, published a video of McWilliams talking about the impact of James’ video on his church and the community as a whole.

In the video, McWilliams asks a question that has been widely debated in the atheist community: “Why is it that when I look at the world and think about people like Kevin James, I’m not seeing a lot more people who have a genuine commitment to the truth?”

McWilliams then asks, “If Kevin James was a real Christian, wouldn’t he be proud of those people who are doing a hell of an job?”

The response from the community to the clip has been swift and angry.

“Kevin James is not a real person,” said McWilliams.

“The entire world is full of people who do this.

He is a complete fake.””

He is a hypocrite.

He wants to be loved and accepted and worshipped, but he is the most disrespectful person who can be found in the world today,” McWilliams added.

The response to McWilliams’ statement is a stark contrast to a response from TheChristian, where one of McDavid’s responses to Mc Williams’ video, which McWilliams posted to last month, said, “When I see a real human being who is genuinely looking out for the people they love, I don’t see Kevin James.

I see the guy who thinks that he is more important than the people who he’s hurting.”

“He should have been kicked out of his church,” McDavid said.

“If the community was so hateful, then they would be on the streets, not on”

McDavid’s response was also widely criticized, with many saying he was “bullying” the community by not condemning James’ statement.

“You don’t bully people, you make them,” said Christian

McWilliams said that although he has had people “begging for him to be kicked out,” he has never been one of those “people.”

“You never have to fight the good fight, and I’ve never been a bully, nor will I ever be,” McWilliam said.