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A former Christian Academy vice president and a longtime board member resigned Tuesday amid a controversy over their promotion of a gay pride parade in Texas.

The resignation came hours after Christian University President Charles Hill announced he was stepping down after years in office amid a string of sexual misconduct allegations against him.

The move came after the board voted unanimously to expel a senior vice president, Christian Academy Board of Trustees member Paul Dolan, and a former executive director, Christian School Association president Eric Jones, for their roles in the decision to host the event.

The board voted to expel both men after learning that Hill had been accused of sexual assault and stalking by two women who said they were groped by Hill in the 1980s.

The board said it will conduct an investigation into Hill’s actions.

Christian Academy has had two high-profile scandals this year.

The school suspended all students and staff over allegations of sexual abuse and failed to uphold its promise to students that they would not be sexually harassed.

Hill was arrested in May and charged with assault and battery, sexual assault, obstruction of justice and tampering with evidence after allegedly making inappropriate comments to two women.

The university announced in September that Hill would resign.