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Posted September 12, 2018 08:29:58In 1864, when the Confederate States of America declared its independence from the United States, it proclaimed that its flag was a symbol not only of its allegiance to the Confederate President Jefferson Davis but also of the United Sates loyalty to the cause of white supremacy and the Union.

The Confederate flag has been used in the United Kingdom as an emblem of hate and oppression since the 19th century.

Its symbolism, its historical context and its history as a symbol for white supremacy are deeply embedded in the Southern culture, particularly in the South.

The South is home to a large and powerful white supremacist and anti-Semite movement.

This ideology is deeply embedded within the Southern heritage and heritage of the Southern people and it continues to be a powerful force in the political life of the region.

The Southern state of Alabama, which includes the cities of Mobile, Tuscaloosa, Mobile, Birmingham and Montgomery, is home territory of the Ku Klux Klan, an anti-Semitic, racist, misogynistic, racist-supremacist and anti, anti-democratic movement whose members and leaders espouse racist ideologies, such as the idea that Jews are secretly conspiring with the Communist Party and the Soviet Union to overthrow the United State.

In recent years, the Southern states of Alabama and Georgia have experienced a resurgence in white supremacist groups, with many of these groups now claiming allegiance to and participating in the racist demonstrations and violence that have taken place across the South in recent years.

The Ku Klux Klans of America (KKK), for example, claims that it has a mission to spread a message of love and tolerance and to fight for the freedom of all people.

But in recent months, the KKK has been embroiled in an increasingly violent conflict with counter-protesters and civil rights activists.

The KKK and other racist and violent groups have become increasingly violent over the last several years, often with deadly consequences for innocent people.

The KKK, for example in a 2016 manifesto called, “The American Way: The Blueprint for a Greater White America.”

In that document, the Klan urges its members to attack African Americans, women, and Jews, and to “make war on the West” as well as the United Nations and “the whole world.”

The KKK is the largest hate group in the world and it claims to have a global membership of 1.2 billion members.

The U.S. government categorizes the KKK as a domestic terrorist organization.

The United States is home, and by definition, the center of, white supremacy.

But the Southern and North American history of the Klan is deeply intertwined.

The Klan has played a central role in the rise of the racist movement and has been a major force in spreading the ideology of white supremacism, which holds that white people are inherently superior and the only legitimate people in the history of man.

The Southern and Northern Klan movements, in particular, have become deeply intertwined in the fight against the civil rights movement of the 1960s, the civil liberties movement of today and the anti-Semitism and anti-, anti-immigrant movements of today.

The Klan’s history and ideology is rooted in the belief that whites are inherently inferior and that the only way to bring about the ultimate triumph of white supremacist principles is through a “white genocide” to destroy the native people of the South, the Midwest and the Northeast.

White supremacy is a form of neo-Nazism that has evolved from a racist ideology to an ideology that advocates the destruction of any and all people, regardless of their race or ethnicity.

The Nazi party, founded in 1924, was an extreme, right-wing extremist movement that aimed to create a European-style state, the concentration camps, and a white majority in the West.

Its ideology, though, was based on the idea of a return to a racial purity that existed prior to the arrival of the Jews in Europe.

Today, the ideology that the KKK espouses is at the core of white nationalism.

The U.K.-based British National Party (BNP) has been in existence since the 1980s.

The BNP is a far-right party, which espouses a white, European, anti European and anti Jewish worldview.

Its members are drawn from a range of ethnic groups including the Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Pakistani, Afghan, Banglandan, Indian, Pakistani and Bangladesheen communities.

In Britain, the BNP has an electoral presence in every seat of Parliament.

The party’s manifesto calls for a “Greater Britain,” which includes a Greater Israel, an end to immigration and a “British Mandate” that would include a Greater Middle East, a Greater South Asia, and “Great Britain” as the nation-state of the British Empire.

The platform of the BNP states that, in the aftermath of the Holocaust, the British people should be “armed to the teeth” and have the right to self-defense, as well