MP3 – Message

I am not a Christian.

That’s a lie.

I am a Jew and a Muslim.

I believe that Jesus is the Messiah and that Jesus died and rose again.

I have been taught that God loves us and that He was our Savior and that we have been forgiven.

And yet, I am the Devil’s clothing.

I wear the clothes of a Satanist.

I drink the blood of Christ.

I love Jesus.

And I love Satan.

I don’t need a Bible to tell me who I am.

That is the way of the Devil.

I can’t be a Christian or a Jew or a Muslim or a Christian and not be a Satan.

When I get angry, I get the devil’s clothes.

I cannot be a person who wants to live in a peaceful society and who doesn’t want to live as a member of a community that is dominated by the power of the State.

And that’s what I am, the Devil, in this world.

I will go out in a blaze of glory, but when I am finished, I will come back to a state of total darkness.

As I stand here today, I cannot stand with my back to the wall.

It will take years of work and I have to get my hands dirty.

But I know that in the end, I’m going to have to go down and I am going to go to hell.

As you read this, I have my back against the wall, my back is to the Wall of the Wall.

The Wall is here and I’m afraid of it.

I know there is going to be a lot of trouble.

And we will have to learn to live with that.

And the first thing we have to do is to make sure that we are not living in the shadows of the law.

And there are plenty of lawless, violent places on the Internet.

I’ve been to many places that are worse than hell, where people are tortured to death.

And some of them are in this country.

And so it is important to make certain that we don’t live in the shadow of the Law.

I do not think that you have to be Jewish or Muslim or Christian to be the Devil and that you can be the best of us and be the friend of the people.

I think it is really important that we know that the devil is not a good person.

And he is a bad person.

I’m not saying that he’s evil.

I would never say that.

But he is just a bad man.

And if we can find ways to do the right thing, then we can turn the other cheek and forgive him.

We can take him down and we can help him.

It’s a matter of the heart.

I say that not as a joke.

But as a matter that you want to do, we have this great law.

We have the laws that have been written by the people and by the Presidents of the United States.

And you have an obligation, as an American, to abide by those laws.

You have a responsibility to obey those laws and to obey the Constitution.

We are the people of this country, not the government.

The government has no authority over us, not even the laws written by men.

It is up to us to protect our freedom, to live by the Constitution and to uphold our laws.

Now, the other thing that I do, and I think the first time that you will hear me talk about this, is I want to tell you about a place that I live.

And this is in a small town, in Pennsylvania.

And it’s a place called Brandywine, Pennsylvania.

It was once a town called Chippewa, and it was once home to a lot more than a few people.

It used to be called the largest town in the United State.

It had a population of more than four hundred thousand people.

But over the years, a group of people who came to this small community, the community called Bracywine, took it over.

They moved in and they took over the property and they changed the name of the town to ChippEWa.

And then they took all the residents and they ran away.

And they were never seen again.

They never came back.

And for years, people in Bracyville were frightened.

They feared that they were going to get lynched.

They were terrified.

They said, We have to keep quiet.

We don’t want anybody to know that we were going through the motions and were just looking for a reason to run away.

They didn’t want anyone to know.

And eventually, the town got a law passed that prohibited them from returning to their old town.

And as a result, the residents of Bracywines town have been living as a separate community.

They have a different law that protects them.

And, you know, you look around and you see some of the old residents of Chippes who have been here for generations.

And when you look at some