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Gwendolene Christie, the wife of the conservative media darling who was criticized for a tweet that included a reference to the “viral” Ebola outbreak in West Africa, got a little worked up last week when she got a call from her husband, George Christie, telling her that her tweet was a violation of their privacy.

The tweet was published Wednesday morning on the blog of the Daily Caller News Foundation, which was created by Christie’s husband, former New Jersey governor and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump.

The blog, which has been accused of publishing doctored news, has received a slew of takedown notices from Twitter for the controversial post.

The backlash from Christie’s followers has been intense.

One user wrote that it was “not a good look.”

Another person called the post “sickening.”

And a third person tweeted that Christie “should be ashamed of herself.”

“I am very disappointed in you, your husband, your family, your friends and all who support you, especially the women who support and have supported you for so long,” wrote another.

Christie’s husband said that he has never written about the Ebola outbreak, but that the tweet had been a distraction from his work as a lawyer.

“He had never thought about it,” Christie told the Daily Mail on Wednesday.

“I’ve never written anything about Ebola.

I’m not an expert, but it’s been an ongoing topic of discussion for me.

It’s been very distracting.”

A tweet sent from Christie about the virus.

Christy’s husband says the tweet was never intended to be a political statement.

Christies Twitter account has been suspended since the story went viral on Thursday.