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The company has come under fire in recent weeks for not doing enough to keep its properties up-to-date with its platform, which was originally developed for hotels but has since expanded to host any type of event.

Airbnb, for its part, has argued that it has done all it can to improve the platform, with an announcement this week that it would “continue to work with regulators and governments around the world to make Airbnb more affordable and accessible to travelers and guests alike.”

But critics have argued that Airbnb is doing too little to protect its users and have suggested the company is allowing too many hosts to evade taxes and charges on their property.

In response, Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky has said the company has “an ambitious plan to expand our tax reporting and compliance.”

Airbnb has also introduced a new “surveillance” feature that allows users to see who hosts their properties and who hosts the rooms they’re sharing with others.

Airbnb says the feature has “not been in the works for a long time,” but that it’s “now available.”