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The news that Agatha Christie had her contract up for renewal came as a huge shock to everyone involved.

However, she is doing a fantastic job and has the support of her fans, and has shown that the star is the right person for the job.

Christie will end her run on October 30, 2019, and it’s a testament to the actress’ determination that she has been able to stay on with such a successful career for so long.

Her career has taken off thanks to her work on the television show, which aired from 1995 to 2002.

Christie is also a big part of British TV, with shows such as Sherlock and The One Show, which has seen her become a huge hit in the UK and the US.

She has starred in the new Sherlock series, and also wrote and produced a new film, The Woman Who Loved Sherlock Holmes.

Christie was born in Bristol and grew up in a working class household.

She studied drama at Cambridge University before graduating with a degree in theatre.

Christie began acting when she was 17 and began her acting career as an apprentice on a stage in London in 1995.

She starred in several productions including The Girl Who Loves Her Father, A Little Girl’s Dream and In The Mood For Love.

She went on to star in many stage productions, including The Woman and The Man Who Would Be King.

Christie later moved to London to work on stage and film.

Christie has appeared in a number of television shows, including the BBC’s The Girl Next Door, as well as BBC One’s series of Sherlock.

She currently stars as the title character in the BBC4 drama series The Woman Next Door.

Christie also starred in a BBC4 film about the life of a famous poet, The Man With No Name.

Christie became a big star after the success of the BBC series Sherlock, which she co-wrote with Christopher Lee.

Christie wrote, produced and starred in The Man with No Name, which was also the story of a young poet.

Christie’s acting career has seen Christie play many roles in television, including playing Sherlock Holmes in the ITV series Casualty, and the role of Queen Mary in the series Casualties.

Christie had a number on the BBC One drama Casualty.

Christie won the 2017 Bafta best actress prize for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II.

Christie starred in ITV’s Casualties, as the character Elizabeth, as a nurse.

Christie recently revealed that she is still looking for work.

Christie told The Guardian: “I haven’t found anything yet.

I’m still searching for something.

I’ve been working on it, but I haven’t been able get anything done yet.

It’s been a while, but it’s nice to get something off my chest.”

Christie is one of the few actresses in the world who is famous for her ability to draw attention to herself.

She gained international recognition with roles on TV shows such for The Man in Black and Doctor Who.

She also has the highest average salary in the British television industry, making more than £150,000 per episode.

Christie earned her first acting role as a young nurse in Doctor Who, playing Mary Shelley in the third series of the programme.

She then played Mary Shelley for a further three series of Doctor Who before the series ended.

Christie continued to work in television for years, first appearing in The One-Man Band, and later as the first female lead in the American TV drama, The One Man Band.

Christie, who is a mother of two children, also starred as Queen Elizabeth in Doctor Moreau’s television drama, Queen Elizabeth: The Life and Times of Elizabeth I. Christie then starred as Elizabeth in the 2014 BBC adaptation of the James Joyce’s The Ulysses.

Christie reprised her role as Elizabeth for the British version of The Ugly Lady in 2019.

Christie released her first TV film, the 2018 film The Girl With The Thorn in 2020.

Christie currently stars in ITV2’s drama The Girl in the Fireplace, starring Emily Mortimer.

Christie appeared in the 2017 American adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale, and starred as the lead role in the film, as both an innocent woman and a hardened woman.

Christie returned to the big screen in 2018 with The Man In The High Castle, which also starred Emily Mortimar.

Christie plays the title role in The Handmaiden in 2018.

Christie did not stop working on her career as a TV actress after she finished The One Woman Band, which starred Emily Morim.

Christie started working on The One Men Band in 2020, and had the role for just three series before the show ended.

The One Women Band had a hit in its first season, but was cancelled after just two seasons.

Christie next appeared on a TV drama series called The One True Love, starring Amy Sedaris, which followed a woman in a relationship who gets her own spin-off series.

Christie got her first film role as the voice of the character in 2016, The Princess