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CATHOLIC vs CHRISTIAN SCHOOL How to Get Your Church to Help You Get Married By Christian Marriage Counseling The Catholic Church is the biggest provider of marriage counseling for families in the United States.

This website has over 30 years of experience providing marriage counseling to families in every part of the United State.

Our marriage counselors are highly trained and knowledgeable about all aspects of marriage including the legal requirements for the ceremony, the ceremony itself, and the vows.

Our team of trained marriage counselors will work closely with your family’s clergy to help create an ideal marriage, and we are always ready to help.

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Catholic Marriage Counselors are certified and accredited by the United Methodist Church to provide marriage counseling in every church in the country.

For more information on Catholic Marriage, call us at 1-800-856-4567.

Find us on Facebook and Twitter at, www,,christian,church,christians,marriage,counseling-marriage-therapy,christy-marital-coaching-support-services,couple-solution-counselling-problems source title How Catholic Marriage counseling can help you win your marriage: What you need to know article How to Improve Your Marriage: Finding a Better Marriage Counselor Catholic Marriage is the only professional marriage counseling service that has been recognized by the American Psychological Association as a professional mental health and marriage counseling provider and has been featured in the national media.

For over 30 Years, our marriage counselors have provided marriage counseling that is designed to help people achieve a better marriage and reduce stress.

We have helped couples to improve their relationships, to build new lives, and to create a more loving and supportive marriage.

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