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Posted November 10, 2018 05:01:26 A Christian college in Sydney’s north has been selling Christian clothing and jewellery under the brand Christian Clothing.

The company, Christian Clothing, which was established by former Christians, was founded by former students of Sydney’s Christ the King College, which is part of Sydney University.

It started as a one-off sale of Christian clothing, jewellery and other merchandise at the Christ the College auction in 2016.

At the time, students were worried the clothing and other items might be “disgraced” because of their Christian beliefs.

But, students say, the clothing quickly sold out and many Christian students, including former students and staff, are now donating items to charities.

“It’s a very unique way of doing business and it’s the most popular way of getting the items to people in need,” the former Christ the Christ College student said.

Students who were working as sales staff at the auction say many Christian clothing was being used as donations to help students in need.

“[We are] going to have to start making some changes and that’s why we’re making this move,” one of the students said.

“We can’t go on like this.

It’s not going to help anybody.”

Christian Clothing was also set up by former Christ The King College students, who are now part of a student group that helps students in their third year at Sydney University, according to the company’s website.

There are no rules regarding the use of the Christian Clothing brand, so students can choose whether to donate to charities or not.

A statement from the company said the clothing is sold as gifts to Christ The Kingdom College and it is “fully owned and operated by the Christian Students Association of Christ the Kingdom College”.

“The company does not discriminate on the basis of faith or belief,” the statement read.

While the students are still in school, they have been able to use the clothes for charity.

They are donating items such as jackets, skirts, shirts, boots and other Christian clothing to charities and the students have donated a large portion of the clothing for the charity.

The students said they have also donated items to other Christian colleges, including St Francis Xavier College, Trinity Christian College, St Michael’s College, and the University of St Andrews.

Christians who donate items will be given the option of donating a portion of it to charity, the statement said.

“The funds will be donated to one of these charities,” it said.

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