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It’s a daunting task, especially if you are an old-fashioned carpenter.

For that, you should have a friend or relative who is.

The process is called the Autonation Corpus Christi (ACC) which is the oldest and largest group of churches in India.

But the idea behind the ICC is that if you can use the space in your church, then your community can use that space to make icons of the various icons of Christ in the Indian state of Kerala.

The concept was started by a Christian woman, Christina Grimm, in 2012.

Grimm had been a regular worshipper at the church for 25 years.

“I had no idea about the importance of the icons, and that the community needed them,” she says.

“My family was not in the know and I was not ready to start my own church.

I started a few years ago to help people in need.”

The concept started as a way of sharing the message of the church with the Kerala people.

Grimm, now 74, is one of the people who has been using the ICC for about a year.

Her work in the space is also part of her mission.

She wants to build a community around icons and the work she has done has been very inspiring.

Grims work with the ICC and the Kerala Council of Christian Associations (KCCCA) in collaboration with a group of local artists and craftsmen.

The aim is to make the ICC as well as the ICCs annual festivals a gathering place for the community.

They also aim to spread awareness of the ICC.

The idea of making an ICC was born in 2012 when a friend asked her to help out in the process of designing a carpenter’s bench.

She thought it would be a great way to make an icon and so she decided to do it.

She had no concept of what she was doing at the time.

She had been involved in other art projects, but this was something new.

“There was no one doing this,” she remembers.

The carpenter had been busy painting a couple of years ago and he was looking for work.

So she contacted him and told him she was making a bench for the ICC to make.

The commission was not easy.

He was very demanding and it took some time for him to agree on a price.

He wanted her to put a picture of the icon in the chair, and then the chair would be decorated with different colours of paint.

After a while, he had a very clear idea.

“He said, ‘The chair has to be an icon,’ and I said, “No, no, I don’t have an icon,'” she says, adding that he wanted the chair to be a living thing, not just decoration.

The chair will be in the church till November 26.

The community has come together to help with the upkeep and decorating of the chair.

They have also asked for donations of food and drink, and even donated some of the money for the chair’s upkeep.”

Grims’ work is part of a project to promote the ICC in Kerala. “

We are very grateful to the ICC team and their volunteers.”

Grims’ work is part of a project to promote the ICC in Kerala.

She also works with the KCCCA and the ICC-Kerala Community Association, which has been set up in partnership with the state government.

She is also planning to have a booth at the ICC event and also do community outreach work.

Grim says the work has been a challenge, but that it has been worth it.

“This is a great opportunity for me to give back to the community and also give a small contribution,” she said.