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The Christian Brandos, wife of former presidential candidate Christian Brandeis, have said they are terrified to be seen with him because of his history with sex abuse victims.

“If he ever goes out with a girl, or does anything like that, I’m afraid he’ll be the next person who’s abused,” Brandein told the Washington Post on Tuesday.

“And if I’m the next victim, I don’t want him to get the benefit of the doubt, he wants to be held accountable.”

A week ago, the couple’s lawyer said Brandeins life was in danger if they were publicly associated with the former politician.

“I would say that his life is in serious danger if he were to become public with this,” Marc Benioff said.

“We feel like we’ve been told to take this situation seriously.

And we don’t feel like it’s something that needs to be taken seriously.”

Christian Brando, center, with wife, Christine, right, at the Brandeinis family home in Washington, D.C., on April 6, 2018.

The Brandes are also facing accusations of child abuse and sexual harassment in the 1990s.

Christie Brando and his wife, Christian Branding, are seen here in 1994.

Christine Brando was also accused of sexual harassment, but a judge ruled the allegations against her “without merit.”

The Brandes divorced in 1999, but the allegations surfaced again last month when former model Ashley Judd wrote an essay in The New Yorker titled, “What a Woman Thinks.”

Christie said in the essay that the allegations of abuse made him feel “uncomfortable.”

“It was very upsetting, because it felt like I was being attacked, it felt very uncomfortable,” Brando told the Post.

“You can feel like you’re under attack.

You don’t know if this is real or not.

So I was kind of just afraid that he might hurt me.

It was like, what if he does?

What if he thinks that I’m a bad person?””

It’s just very hard for me to go out with him now,” Brandes wife said.

Christina Brando is seen in this undated file photo.

Christi Brando has said she wants to speak out against her husband because of the accusations against her.

Christy Brando at the 2017 White House Correspondents Dinner in Washington.

Christines claims in Judd’s essay that Christian and his family have been victims of sexual abuse.

Christiana Brando on Tuesday also spoke out about the possibility of a divorce.

Christians lawyer said she is considering filing for divorce in New York.