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Oklahoma Christian University was destroyed in a storm, but one student is now recovering thanks to a game of Thrones fan who saved her.

A tornado touched down at the school on Wednesday, damaging buildings and damaging power lines.

Oklahoman Bob Kravitz was on campus at the time, and he says it was scary.

“It was a bit scary.

I didn’t know what was going on and I didn´t know if there was going to be much power, so I was just going to go get some food and maybe get a shower, so that would be a good way to get out of there, but it was a little scary,” he told ABC News.”

You know, I just tried to stay out of the way and keep my hands to myself.

I was scared.”

Oklahoma Christian is a large Christian university in the Oklahomans capital, Norman.

A tornado damaged the university in December of 2014, and several months later, students were forced to move to a new building in the city.

The university has since rebuilt.

But this year, the tornado hit again.

This time, the storm brought heavy rainfall and strong winds, knocking out power lines and leaving students and staff homeless.

“There was a lot of damage and power lines were blown down and they were completely destroyed.

We had a lot more power lines than usual, but we didn´ve had any problems with them.

And we also had to make some repairs to our building,” Kravz said.”

That was pretty bad, because we had the lights out so we could make a fire, but because we didn’t have any heat, we didn`t have any fire extinguishers, so we just kind of went in and got some food, which we could use, and we just tried not to think about it.”

Oklahomians for Community Empowerment President Andrew Wahlberg, a Christian, helped put up tents for the displaced students.

“I was actually just doing the dishes.

I don’t think I have ever done a dish that fast in my life,” he said.

“I am just kind and calm, and I knew that I was going into this with no real expectations, but I was kind and happy that I had the support of other Christians to help me out.”

The school is now operating without power.