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Pensacos schools are preparing for a potential financial hit after the Pensaccio Education Trust received $20 Million from the state to help pay for the renovation of their Christian Academy.

According to The Pensaccios Times, Pensaco schools will receive $19 million from Gov.

Rick Scott’s education fund for renovations.

The state will pay another $6 million for classroom renovations, $6.5 million for renovations to facilities, and $1.5 billion for renovations for other schools.

Scott is expected to announce the funds later this week, but the state announced the funds this week.

The Pensaccino School District received $6,000 from the trust to build a new building for the academy.

The foundation of the foundation is being built by a local firm called Piedmont Landscape and Engineering, which also designed the new building.

Scott has promised to use the funds to help other schools, but has not provided details on how he plans to pay for it.