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Trump’s latest comments on the death of his wife have sparked a firestorm of criticism from both sides of the political aisle.

On Sunday, Trump tweeted: “I think we are in a very, very, tough spot with my wife, which is a very hard thing to be in.

I think we should do everything possible to keep her, because she’s a beautiful woman.

She’s a very special person.”

He continued, “She has a wonderful heart and a beautiful soul.

I would love to have a great marriage and I think it would be a very nice thing for us to have, and I would be very happy to do that.

And she’s very, happy with that. “

If I ever get a chance to go back and have a talk with her, I would say, ‘OK, I can’t, I’ll just go to a hotel, or maybe I’ll call her and I’ll see what happens.’

And she’s very, happy with that.

And I think that she’s doing a good job. “

And I would certainly love to get together with her.

And I think that she’s doing a good job.

I don’t know what she’s done wrong, but I don.

I really don’t.”

Trump also tweeted: It is no secret that I have never felt so betrayed or humiliated by the media as I did by the Fake News Media.

When they lied to me, they lied about everything.

The dishonest media made up all of these lies and made it up as if they were facts.

They are in complete denial about my tremendous support in the polls, my incredible numbers, and my amazing rally crowds.

Now, the Fake Media has changed their tune.

The Fake News has gone after me with all kinds of lies and smears against me.

And the Fake media has not even bothered to contact me!

And it is so sad!

I never thought they would do this to me.

I thought they wouldn’t do this!

They have done everything wrong to me and I am not going to be taken advantage of by them.

But, as we speak, they are going to do everything to me!

I think they have gone too far!

And, in fact, they have.

The phony media is so bad they even lied to the President about his taxes.

They made up the phony story, and they said it was about the President not paying taxes.

The fake media is now attacking the President on his taxes and his tax returns.

The FAKE NEWS media, which has been virtually nonstop since the election, never stops.

Their phony attacks on me have never stopped!

I have great respect for the Fake news media, and their ratings have always been better than the President’s, but their ratings are lower now.

This is because Fake News is now in total denial and their Fake News ratings are dropping.

They can’t even get out of bed in the morning!

They cannot believe what the Fake reporters are saying and they cannot believe the Fake stories coming out of Washington, D.C. It is a sad day for America!

As the President said, “The Fake News media is trying to take our country back from us.

They know that I will fight them to the death!”

But I will always be prepared for whatever they throw at me.

They will never be able to take away my support from the Fake, Fake News, Fake, and Fake News.

They cannot take away our support for the President.

But we will be prepared.

We will continue to fight them for every vote and every American that believes in the American Dream.

And we will continue, God willing, to win and win and WIN.

And with that, God bless America!

We are very proud of you.

God bless you, and God bless the United States of America!

– Donald J. Trump, President-elect, January 10, 2020