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The way a man’s body reacts to sex, the way a woman’s body responds to sex and the way an actor’s body react to sex is the key to a great sex scene.

And while some actors might take it easy on the physicality of sex, they’re also able to make it feel more real to the audience.

Here are 10 things that every male and female actor should know about their bodies.


The best way to get a good shot of your lover’s cock is to wear the right clothes.

There are some great tips for getting the most out of your clothes in the article Men’s shirts are a great choice for a sexy shot of a man in bed.

And the shirt will do just fine in bed if you’re lucky enough to get lucky.

The only issue is that you’re going to be in front of your woman and she’s going to have to watch you do it. 2.

Get in a position that gives your man the best view of your breasts.

While a man has to get up, there’s no reason why a woman should have to do the same.

Women have to be physically close to their man to get the best shots.

So if you want to get her on your knees, get in position with her hips and knees, not on her knees.


Try to get your man to relax.

If you can get her to look into the camera, she’s more likely to relax in front.

But if you have to take her clothes off, she will likely get a little too excited to even try.

And she won’t be able to take a moment to appreciate what you’re doing.


Make sure you wear a nice suit or dress.

A man’s job as a porn star is to look sexy.

So a suit will get him a lot of attention and will make him look great.

And he’s going in for a lot more of that if he wears a nice shirt, a nice pair of pants or a nice dress.


If she’s in her late 20s or early 30s, she can get away with wearing her bra.

While you can make the bra look more natural by taking it off, that won’t work with someone in their early 20s.


Make a lot, a lot.

The amount of time that you spend on a sex scene will affect how much you want your girl to do it, and it will also affect how well she responds.

The more time you spend with her, the more she will respond, and the less she will do it with a man who’s in his late 30s.


You’ll never have to give up.

A great sex tip from a male actor is to always have her back.

You can always come back later if you feel like you’ve let her down, and she’ll have more confidence.


If it’s a late night, make sure you have her ready for it.

If your girl is asleep when you start, she won, and so will you.


If the script calls for it, make her cum.

As much as you want her to do something for you, you can always give her something to do to make her orgasm.


If her body doesn’t agree, just be honest with her.

If something feels wrong, just say something like, “I just want to take your cock in my mouth, and you’re not interested, so I’m leaving,” or something similar.

There’s nothing wrong with this.