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The Christian D Williams is one of the most popular writers on the evangelical Christian Bible.

He is the author of a book called “The Bible: A Christian Guide for a Modern Age.”

The book was published by Penguin in 2016.

But the book has drawn criticism from critics. 

Williams says he’s not anti-gay but he wants people to think twice about the Bible when it comes to homosexuality.

“When you read a Bible you think of a bunch of people and their relationship with God and God’s relationship with the world.

But I think the Bible is a window into God’s life and his plan for this world,” he said. 

“If you look at the Bible, it’s not a book that has a specific agenda.

It’s a window to God’s purpose.

And you can’t make God’s plan up by reading it.” 

Williams has also been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump, who has made it clear that he will not allow the LGBTQ community to enjoy full religious freedom in the United States. 

He is a strong supporter of gay marriage and is a staunch supporter of abortion rights, as well. 

A lot of people have questions about the relationship between homosexuality and the Bible.

How does it affect us in the context of the Bible?

Williams says that the Bible teaches that people of all races, ethnicities, and sexual orientations are sinners.

“If the Bible were a book of love, it would say ‘the Lord loves you, he loves you,'” Williams said.

“We should love everyone equally.

And I think that’s the biblical message that I think is most relevant to the lives of LGBT people.”

Williams is not the only one to say that homosexuality is sinful.

In the book, “The Gay Bible: The Definitive Guide to Homosexuality,” which is being published this week by Penguin, author and pastor Mikey Weinstein explains that it is not sin to be gay.

“Homosexuality is a choice, not a sin,” Weinstein wrote.

“I would say it’s a choice between sin and sinlessness, and you can live a homosexual life or you can not.”

Williams says the Bible has no problem with homosexuality, but he thinks the Bible should be more sensitive to the way that people who have gay family members or friends may feel.

“In the Bible it’s always been clear that it’s wrong to have a homosexual relationship,” Williams said, but the Bible does not want us to judge the actions of those who have committed a sin.

“But in a world where we’re trying to be tolerant and open and loving and accepting, I think it’s really important that we be very careful not to be judgmental of the actions that people do,” he added.

“The Bible doesn’t really want us judge people, it wants us to love them.

I think we have to keep in mind that this is a human and a human family and that people are in different places.

That we have families that are very similar, and that we all have some problems.”

Williams has a special love for the Bible because it is a text that he believes teaches people that God loves them regardless of their sexuality.

“I love the Bible,” he told CNN.

“And I love the way it speaks to me, I love how it speaks in my life and how it is the way God loves me.”

Williams hopes that people will listen to the Bible more when they hear about gay rights.

“It’s an amazing book that talks about God’s love for all people.

You need to love your neighbors and be good people. “

He said that when people come to the bible, they need to be respectful.”

You need to love your neighbors and be good people.

But if you don’t love people and you just hate them, you are going to get in trouble.

It can be very dangerous,” he concluded.”

A lot can happen in a lifetime, but we all make mistakes.

And we can learn from them and move forward.” 

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