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A Christian life-center in Jerusalem has been vandalized in the city’s Old City, a day after the center was set up by an Israeli group.

The vandalized building in Old City has been covered in paint and graffiti, including one that read, “Stop vandalizing the Christian center!”

The center, named after the church that built it in 1929, is located in the Old City of Jerusalem and was set to open on Monday after a five-year renovation.

A Facebook page for the center says the vandalism was committed by a group calling itself “Civic Jews.”

The center was created as part of a project to improve the Christian presence in Jerusalem, which has seen a steady rise in anti-Christian sentiment in recent years.

The center has become a frequent target for vandalism, with some calling for the demolition of the center.

“We are glad that this vandalizing has been stopped.

We will continue to support the community in their struggle against violence and hate,” the center’s Facebook page reads.

Jerusalem residents are currently protesting the installation of the life-preserving center in Old Jerusalem, calling for it to be removed and the center to be reopened.

On Wednesday, residents of the Old Town district of the city clashed with police, shouting at them and throwing stones at the police, who responded with tear gas.

The Israeli authorities are calling for a calm in the streets, saying there was no justification for the attack.

“The Jewish community is not a terrorist organization.

We’re here to live peacefully,” said Rabbi Abraham Breslow, who heads the Jerusalem Center for Religious and Cultural Heritage.

“We don’t want to live under a violent regime.

It is a violent state.

The city is under siege, and we’re not going to allow it to happen.”

According to the Jewish Agency, a group of about 50 individuals have set up the center in the area, which is known for its Jewish heritage.

It’s a popular location for Jewish people to visit.

According to its Facebook page, the center has received several awards from the Israeli government, including a Gold Star medal and an award of Merit.

The center has been praised by President Shimon Peres, who said in a statement on Thursday that the center “is helping to provide a space for all the needy and marginalised.”

The organization is currently accepting donations for the damage to the building.

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