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When Christian Brothers first arrived in Rome in 2006, it was like entering the next great Italian football dynasty.

At the time, they had won the league two seasons in a row, and the Champions League the previous season.

Their success was based on an innovative style of play that was based upon possession and footballing intelligence, as well as on an aggressive style of attack.

At times, the team’s success had to be judged by the number of goals scored.

In the end, it has been a record three consecutive Scudetti and Champions League titles, three straight Italian league titles and two consecutive Serie A titles.

Christian Brothers are now known as one of the greatest Italian football clubs, and in their first season in the Serie A they have won the championship with two games remaining.

In addition to their success, they are famous for their incredible relationship with the fans, who have always shown them great support. 

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Read more:  Juventus 2-1 Napoli  on  The Sun The team’s first trophy came in 2011 when they won the Italian title.

This season, the Bianconeri have already secured their first ever Serie A title and are currently leading the race for the Italian Cup. 

A year ago, they lost 2-0 to Roma, but were able to salvage the points with a 2-2 draw at the Stadio Olimpico.

The Bianconeros’ recent success has seen them crowned champions of Italy, having won Serie A in the previous two seasons. 

With their success in Italy, they were also able to secure the Serie B title in 2016, which they achieved after a 1-0 win over Napoli in the league.

The Italian champions are currently second in the table, with two matches to go. 

 However, they have also been able to make a name for themselves in the lower leagues, with the likes of Fiorence 0-0 Inter and Udinese 1-1 Juventus. 

The current Serie B champions have also won the Europa League twice, as they beat PSG in the last two rounds, and reached the semi-finals of the Champions Trophy in 2015. 

On the pitch, the Juventus squad has become the most powerful in Serie A, with Cristiano Ronaldo having scored 27 goals in 26 league matches, and Angel Di Maria the second most prolific scorer with 30 goals in 30 matches.

The team has also won three of the last four Serie A trophies, as the club has reached the final in each of the past four seasons.

The current season also saw the club qualify for the Champions Cup, which would have placed the team at the top of the table in Europe. 

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